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With much consideration, we've decided to go back into an active stage of development and the server won't be accessible for a period of time until we deem it can be enjoyable for all.


We launched way too early and we feel we can make the server much better. There's no estimated time for when we'll be relaunching, but when we get closer to that time, we'll be announcing that time.


The discord will still be available for the public, but posts regarding updates and news will be limited to our new "Blog" section right here on our website, so be sure to keep an eye on that if you want to be kept up to date on progress first hand!


We'll launch in a better state than ever ...

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Hello again!

We've been hard at work improving our discord and the network as a whole and now we're able to share a few more things we've done! For more information on discord changes, refer to our discord: https://discord.com/invite/NUzWHFV

  • Devotion Roles (basically level roles).
  • Ticket Support System.
  • Changed Discord Linking in way of our Devotion Roles (use /discord link on either Skies or Skirmish t...
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You are now able to go into your Convenience Crystals at spawn or on your island to switch between the fancy font and vanilla fonts!

As of right now It will not remember your decision, so you will have to select it each time you come back to The Skies.

Skirmish is soon to receive the same options, as soon as we can figure out a suitable way of applying it! 

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Happy Friday everyone!

We hope everyone had a great week! During these almost 2 weeks of our public beta launch, we've been working on implementing fixes, improvements, and some suggestions reported to us. This announcement covers them (or at least most of them because we can't keep track of everything xD)! One major highlight change is that we now have realm tours!

So now you can tour both Skyblock and Skirmish to learn more about how to play, get to certain places, and be successful! The full changelog is below!:


Network Changes:&...

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Those of you using the latest versions can now connect to the network! 

Joining on versions newer than 1.16.5 will cause you to experience strange texture issues and potential crashes & kicks. 

Any issues found should be reported!

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