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Welcome to our rules page!
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Note: Failure to read and familiarise yourself with the rules of our network can result in punishment depending on the rule broken.
If you need to report someone, use the /report command.
If you need to appeal a punishment, access the punishment appeal form below.

How do warnings work?
Warnings are on your record for 30 days before they are purged. Mutes and bans stay with you. Once you reach 8 warnings active on your record, you are permanently muted.

1st Warning: No mute issued.
2nd Warning: 5-minute mute.
3rd Warning: 10-minute mute
4th Warning: 30-minute mute
5th Warning: 1-hour mute
6th Warning: 1-day mute
7th Warning: 1-week mute
8th Warning: Permanent Mute
Global Rules:
These rules apply to all sides of the network (Skirmish, Skies, Forums, Discord, etc).

1. No doxing of others without their consent. This will result in chat being cleared and an IP ban.

2. No hacking of any kind. Depending on the hacks used, it can lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

3. No abuse of donor perks. This is stated in the store's terms of service. This will result in the perk being removed from you.

4. No abusing exploits. Instead, report them to a staff member or make a topic for it under the Bug Reports section of the Forums! Punishment for this depends on the exploit abused and how much damage is caused.

5. DDoS threats are severely prohibited. Any attempt to DDoS the server or give threats to DDoS will result in an IP ban.

6. No harassment of sky dwellers/fighters or staff members. This includes things like someone being racist, homophobic, sexist, or just overall a big jerk. Depending on the harassment, the punishment can lead from a warning to a permanent mute.

7. No talks of suicide/self-harm or violent speech. You will be muted without any hesitation. 

8. No advertising. This includes the advertising of other servers, discords, youtube channels, etc. Chat will be cleared and a mute will be issued.

9. Swearing is allowed, but it must be kept to a minimum. Once or twice is fine, but if it becomes excessive or directed, it will result in a warning or mute. This includes NSFW/Sexual references or other things inappropriate (such as inappropriate usernames)!

10. Listen to staff members' instructions (unless it's something outrageous like purchasing a rank for them). If a staff member tells you to do something, you need to do it. If you talk back or disrespect them, it may result in a warning and then a mute.

11. Be respectful of everyone, including staff members. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

12. No trolling/pranking unless the recipient finds it funny or isn't offended by it. If you troll/prank to purposely make someone upset, then you will be told to stop. If you continue, you will be muted. Depending on the severity, you can be banned.

13. No drama or causing fights. If you have a problem with someone, take it elsewhere. If you argue on the server and are continuously told to move elsewhere or stop, you will both be muted, regardless of who started it.

14. No encouraging rule-breaking of any kind.

15. No punishment bypassing (such as bypassing bans with a VPN).

16. No scamming or manipulating other players or staff. Depending on the situation, a permanent ban may be issued.

17. Use common sense (no spamming, chat-flooding, mini-modding, etc). We can't document every rule in existence, so please use common sense. If you're unsure if something would be against the rules, please ask a staff member.
Skirmish Rules:

1. No base or warzone enterance camping. This will result in a verbal warning. If continued, a temporary ban will be issued.

2. No trolling or stalling in PvP events. This means someone, for instance, stalling time as a death marker by refusing to fight anyone, causing the event to be delayed. You'll be verbally warned to stop, and if continued, you'll be removed from the event.

3. No strange items in your inventory or ender vaults. This will result in them being removed.

Skies Rules:

1. No warzone enterance camping. This will result in a verbal warning. If continued, a temporary ban will be issued.
Forum Rules:

1. No inappropriate avatars, signatures, or usernames. This includes discriminatory things, things related to adult topics, or references to self-harm or deeply negative thoughts.

2. No necro-posting. This means posting on topics that have been inactive for a week. Posting on inactive threads will result in them being locked.

3. Post your topic in the right category. For instance, if it's a build showcase, place it in the Build Showcase section, instead of a random forum category. If a topic is posted in the wrong category, it'll be moved to its right category.

4. No Abusing Forum Ratings. An example of this is negatively rating a post for self-beneficial gains or for trolling.

5. No alt accounts. Only one account per person is allowed. Any alt accounts will be deleted.

6. No multiple posting. Or in other words, posting multiple times in a row on one topic. Edit your main topic or response instead.
For rules relating to the discord, please join our discord by clicking on the discord icon to the right of the logo, and visit the rules channel!